Avalanche Energy

Avalanche is developing a compact fusion reactor called the "Orbitron," a 5kWe power pack with a form-factor the size of a lunch pail. The small size of the Orbitron enables faster development, scalability, and a wide range of applications.

The small size of Avalanche's reactor design allows for the use of conventional manufacturing tools and techniques for testing and production. This makes it suitable for various applications, such as personal transportation and micro-grid power. The small scale also reduces the hardware, labor, capital, and lead time required to build, test, learn, and iterate on reactor designs, making the process cheaper and faster than traditional fusion projects.

Avalanche's power pack can be manufactured using high-speed production line techniques, which significantly lowers the cost of fusion through economies of scale. The design can be packaged as a single cell with a 5kW - 15kW capacity or combined in groups of hundreds for megawatt-scale clean energy solutions.

The reactor design avoids the dangers, expense, and complexity associated with high-power magnets or lasers. Additionally, it is capable of fusing fuels like proton-boron-11, which substantially reduces internal neutron radiation. This leads to longer life and lower shielding requirements, resulting in a lighter and more efficient power pack.

Location Tukwila, Washington, USA
Target Markets Space propulsion and power, Marine propulsion, Aviation, Off-grid energy, Hydrogen/synthetic fuels
General Approach Hybrid: Inertial electrostatic ion with magnetic electron
Specific Approach Orbitron (Electrostatic ion orbiting a cathode with magnetron (ExB) electron confinement)
Fuel Source DT
X (Twitter) Profile AvalancheFusion

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