Commonwealth Fusion Systems

CFS (Commonwealth Fusion Systems) is a private company dedicated to developing a compact, high-performance fusion power plant. The company is based on the pioneering research of MIT Professor Maria Zuber and her team, who developed a new approach to fusion called high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets.

CFS is working on the SPARC project, which aims to demonstrate net energy gain from fusion for the first time. The SPARC reactor will use HTS magnets to create a powerful magnetic field that will confine the plasma and enable fusion reactions. The reactor will use deuterium and tritium as fuel and will produce helium and high-energy neutrons as byproducts.

CFS is also developing a novel fusion fuel cycle based on using abundant and low-cost materials, such as hydrogen and boron. This approach, called pB11 fusion, has the potential to produce clean, safe and virtually limitless energy without producing any radioactive waste.

CFS has achieved several milestones in its quest for practical fusion power. In 2018, the company raised $50 million in funding from investors, including the Italian energy company ENI. In 2019, CFS demonstrated a key component of the SPARC reactor, a high-temperature superconducting magnet that achieved a magnetic field strength of 20 tesla, a new record for fusion magnets.

CFS plans to complete the design of the SPARC reactor by 2024 and start construction soon after. The company aims to achieve net energy gain from fusion by 2025, which would be a major breakthrough in the field of fusion energy. CFS believes that its approach to fusion could lead to a practical, commercial power plant within the next decade.

Location Devens, MA USA
Target Markets Electricity generation
General Approach Magnetic confinement
Specific Approach Tokamak
Fuel Source DT
X (Twitter) Profile CFS_energy

Current Prediction Market


Sources: Company website, Fusion Industry Association Annual Report 2022

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