General Fusion

General Fusion is a Canadian company that aims to revolutionize the energy industry by developing a practical and economically viable nuclear fusion technology that can provide a clean and abundant source of energy. The company has developed a unique approach called Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) that combines the best features of several fusion techniques to create a practical and scalable solution.

MTF involves using a sphere filled with a liquid mixture of hydrogen isotopes that is heated and compressed using acoustic waves to create a plasma, which is then magnetically confined and compressed further to achieve the conditions necessary for fusion to occur. General Fusion has developed several key technologies to make this approach practical, such as its patented liquid metal injectors, acoustic drivers, and plasma injectors.

The company has achieved several significant milestones in its pursuit of fusion energy, such as demonstrating the feasibility of MTF in laboratory experiments and building a world-class experimental fusion reactor at its facility in British Columbia, Canada. It has also secured significant funding from investors and government agencies, including a recent $65 million investment from Canada's Strategic Innovation Fund.

General Fusion is currently working on its first commercial-scale reactor, which it plans to build within the next few years. This reactor will be capable of producing net energy from fusion, which will be a significant breakthrough in the field of fusion energy. The company is also collaborating with leading research institutions and industry partners to continue advancing the development of fusion technology and bring it closer to commercialization.

Location Vancouver, Canada
Target Markets Electricity generation
General Approach Magneto-inertial
Specific Approach Magnetized Target Fusion
Fuel Source DT
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