Helion Energy

Helion is a company focused on making electricity from fusion a reality. They believe that fusion is an engineering problem rather than a fundamental physical problem and are working towards clean, safe, and limitless electricity.

Helion's approach to fusion is different from other fusion approaches in three major ways:

They use a pulsed non-ignition fusion system, which helps overcome the hardest physics challenges, keeps the fusion device smaller, and allows for adjustable power output.
Their system is built to directly recover electricity, increasing efficiency and reducing energy loss.
They use deuterium and helium-3 (D-³He) as fuel, which is cleaner and more efficient.
Helion has achieved several milestones, including building the Trenta prototype, which reached plasma temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius (9 keV), making it the first private organization to achieve such temperatures. The company plans to demonstrate net electricity from fusion and helium-3 production with its upcoming Polaris prototype. They aim to offer commercial fusion power for the grid as soon as possible.

Helion's fusion power is projected to be one of the lowest cost sources of electricity, with an estimated cost of $0.01 per kWh without considering any economies of scale, carbon credits, or government incentives. Their fusion process is safe, producing a manageable amount of radiation and no long-lived radioactive waste. Moreover, fusion is not weaponizable, which makes it a promising solution for clean and sustainable energy production.

Location Everett, WA, USA
Target Markets Electricity generation
General Approach Magneto-intertial
Specific Approach Field Reversed Configuration
Fuel Source DHe3
X (Twitter) Profile Helion_Energy

Current Prediction Market


Sources: Company website, Fusion Industry Association Annual Report 2022

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