Longview Fusion Energy Systems

Longview Fusion Energy Systems is focused on revolutionizing the energy sector by introducing laser fusion energy to the global grid within the next decade. Their mission aligns with the global shift towards a carbon-neutral economy. Key milestones include:

2021 - National Ignition Facility Achievement: Demonstrated laser fusion burn, a critical step towards fusion energy commercialization.

Early 2030s - Pilot Plant Goal: Plan to establish a Longview Fusion pilot plant delivering electricity to the grid.

2030-2050 - Global Market Penetration: Aiming for widespread adoption of low-carbon energy worldwide.

Their approach is based on the world's only experimental demonstration of self-sustaining fusion burn. This leverages substantial investments in indirect-drive inertial fusion, facilitating the timely delivery of their first pilot plant. Longview Fusion emphasizes commercial delivery and responsiveness to utility needs, collaborating with a diverse team of partners across industrial, engineering, construction, regulatory, academic, national laboratory, and utility sectors.

Location Orinda, CA
Target Markets Electricity generation
General Approach Inertial confinement
Specific Approach None
Fuel Source None

Sources: Company website, Fusion Industry Association Annual Report 2022

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