Lowercarbon Capital

Lowercarbon Capital, founded by Chris Sacca and Crystal Sacca in 2018, is at the forefront of venture capital investments in carbon reduction technologies. They have made signficant investments in the nuclear fusion energy space.

"Fixing the planet is just good business. Shame and guilt won’t get us there, markets will."

Managed by a diverse team, including Chris Sacca, Crystal Sacca, Clay Dumas, Dr. Clea Kolster, Ryan Orbuch, Kristin Ellis, Shuo Yang, and Dr. Christina Chang, the firm’s portfolio comprises promising companies developing innovative solutions to combat climate change. Notable investments include Carbon Engineering, focused on carbon capture and storage, Opus12, a company transforming sunlight and water into fuels, Project Sunroof, utilizing satellite data to estimate solar potential of rooftops, and Redwood Materials, innovating in lithium-ion battery recycling.

Lowercarbon Capital not only invests in these trailblazing companies but also actively cultivates the broader ecosystem through initiatives such as the Lowercarbon Capital Fellowship and the Lowercarbon Capital Climate Tech Summit. The fellowship program supports early-career scientists and engineers in the field, while the annual conference fosters a dialogue among investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. Through these strategic investments and initiatives, Lowercarbon Capital is accelerating the development and deployment of carbon reduction technologies, with fusion energy being one of the key avenues, aiming to bring about a significant impact in the fight against climate change.

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