Thea Energy

Thea Energy (formerly known as Princeton Stellarators - name changed in 2023) is leveraging recent breakthroughs and IP that revolutionize stellarator technology. Their proprietary approach aims to eliminate the complex 3D magnet coils that are commonly used in other stellarator designs.

Thea Energy's first system, the Eos neutron source stellarator, is capable of producing tritium, a valuable feedstock to many proposed nuclear fusion systems.

Recent developments in superconducting technology may help accelerate the development of all stellarator-focused fusion companies.

In July 2023, Thea announced a collaboration with the University of California San Diego, funded by a DOE public-private partnership award. Thea and UCSD will "develop a boron based renewable first wall capable of sufficient heat removal and tritium recovery from stellarator fusion devices. Specifically, researchers will focus on a technique to make boron pebble rods that can be tested under power-plant-relevant conditions."

Location Princeton, NJ USA
Target Markets Electricity generation, Medical, Tritium production
General Approach Magnetic confinement
Specific Approach Stellarator
Fuel Source DT
X (Twitter) Profile TheaEnergy

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