Shine Technologies

SHINE is a leading fusion technology company aiming to make fusion energy a practical and economically competitive part of the world's energy production. The company applies a phased approach to its development, focusing on practical applications that create value and promote reinvestment, as it works towards fusion power.

In the first phase, SHINE focuses on the valuable neutrons produced by fusion reactions, exploiting this resource in two key areas: industrial component inspection and medical isotopes production. The company’s neutron radiography technology provides enhanced inspection capabilities for critical components in aerospace, defense, and energy industries. This technology is already commercialized, profitable, and improving safety standards.

SHINE's second phase involves the production of medical isotopes, leveraging fusion technology to overcome supply chain disruptions caused by reliance on aging nuclear reactors. The company is nearing completion of the world's largest medical isotope production facility, which uses fusion to drive the process. This approach reduces radioactive waste, eliminates proliferation concerns, and assures the supply chain of these life-saving products.

The third phase involves recycling nuclear waste. SHINE's fusion technology could potentially break up long-lived waste into shorter-lived or stable products, mitigating the nuclear waste problem. This process could unlock substantial value and enable fusion to scale to a production level similar to power plants.

Looking ahead, SHINE believes that the path to sustainable and scalable fusion power solutions involves continuous improvement and value creation. This approach might not only ensure the success of commercializing fusion energy but could potentially be the fastest and most effective method. Despite the challenges, SHINE is confident that its incremental approach will eventually lead to a future powered by nuclear fusion.

Location Janesville, WI USA
Target Markets Industrial inspection, medical isotopes, electricity generation
General Approach None
Specific Approach None
Fuel Source None
X (Twitter) Profile shinefusion

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