TAE Technologies

TAE Technologies, founded in 1998, aims to develop commercial fusion power with a clean environmental profile. The company has filed over 1,800 patents globally, raised $1.2 billion in private capital, built five National Laboratory-scale devices, and has a team of over 400 employees. TAE's main goal is to reduce human impact on the environment through safe, clean, and economically competitive carbon-free fusion technology.

The company has developed an advanced beam-driven Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC) platform, which combines accelerator and plasma physics to solve the challenge of plasma confinement. TAE focuses on a fuel cycle based on hydrogen-boron (p-B11), which is safe, abundant, and environmentally friendly. Their fifth-generation fusion reactor prototype, Norman, has demonstrated the necessary temperature requirements to scale their compact linear configuration for cost-competitive utility-scale commercial fusion.

TAE Technologies has raised over $1.2 billion in private funding from investors such as Google, NEA, Venrock, Wellcome Trust, and various family offices.

Location Foothill Ranch, CA USA
Target Markets Electricity generation
General Approach Magnetic confinement
Specific Approach Field Reversed Configuration
Fuel Source p-B11
X (Twitter) Profile TAE

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